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Tony Elumelu: 7 Burning Questions and Answers on Leadership

Tony Elumelu with his wealth of experience in the corporate world provide answers to 7 burning questions on leadership. Enjoy the read. 1) What is true leadership? Leadership is about how we lead people to deliver results. Leadership is about bringing consistency between the internal and the external. Leadership is about instilling confidence in your people, because as a leader, you hardly ever operate on your own. Great leaders deliver through people. 2) The Relationship between Leadership and Purpose: Leadership is more successful [...]

Leadership is the Demarcation Between Success & Failure By Tony Elumelu

Whether in the public or private sector, leadership is the same thing. It is the demarcation between success & failure, development & underdevelopment; poverty & prosperity. So, I welcome every opportunity to discuss & examine this important subject. Today was no exception as I shared with the Nigerian Airforce, Navy a& Army students & the Armed Forces Command & Staff College in Jaji Kaduna State. I will share some excerpts from my remarks this afternoon. 1. Good leaders are [...]

Tony Elumelu: Heartfelt Words to the Next Generation of African Leaders

  Heartfelt words to the next generation of African leaders - Tony Elumelu "Last week in DC, I spoke from the heart to a group of 1000 young Africans at the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellows Summit My message was this: To the young Africans of today, the future belongs to you. You must seize the future to shape the destiny of our continent You must refuse to be a complaining generation, this must be a DOING generation. We talk and we complain far [...]