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Upcoming: Idea Validation Workshop – Buea Cameroon

As a young entrepreneur and or wannebe entrepreneur, before you start investing all of the few resources you have, you must validate your idea first.   A lot of young people have failed because they have created an idea or product or service that nobody needed. One of the most important issues to remember as you start your entrepreneurship journey is that your idea, product or service must answer a need. It is in this regard that The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership [...]

Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking By Chinonso Ogbobu

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & PUBLIC SPEAKING What I am about to say may not sit well with some people, but hey, pardon my rebellion. When some people say entrepreneurship is not public speaking, sometimes I understand what they are saying .... but most times, I don't. The times that I don't understand are usually, for example, when someone finishes delivering on stage a well-articulated view on entrepreneurship, business, or its attendant issues only for someone to smirk and goes ahead to mutter: "Talking is one [...]

African Young People: Entrepreneurship Requires 2 things by Javnyuy Joybert

Entrepreneurship these days is now like a song and everyone want to be called an entrepreneur or a CEO. Definitely, am among those who believe that entrepreneurship is the game changer for the Cameroon and African economy. If you are about to venture into entrepreneurship or already have a small startup or business, I want you to understand that success in entrepreneurship requires two things that is Value and simplicity. If you want to succeed in entrepreneurship, add value [...]

Leadership is the Demarcation Between Success & Failure By Tony Elumelu

Whether in the public or private sector, leadership is the same thing. It is the demarcation between success & failure, development & underdevelopment; poverty & prosperity. So, I welcome every opportunity to discuss & examine this important subject. Today was no exception as I shared with the Nigerian Airforce, Navy a& Army students & the Armed Forces Command & Staff College in Jaji Kaduna State. I will share some excerpts from my remarks this afternoon. 1. Good leaders are [...]

African Young People: Improving Your Entrepreneurial Venture By Javnyuy Joybert

With few years  (6) of experience as Business Trainer/Consultant and as an entrepreneur myself with 3 failed startups I have come to understand that the problems facing African entrepreneurs is not how to start or run their business but, the problem is how to stay successful, productive & profitable in their businesses as years go by. with google, business & entrepreneurship blogs/platforms here and there, we already have more than sufficient information on almost everything about entrepreneurship & business, what [...]

Entrepreneurs: Test Your Work Ethics (Do You Have Work Ethics?) By Chinonso Ogbobu

I can tell the kind of an entrepreneur you are and how serious you are about that which you seek by reviewing your work ethics. Your work ethics is one of the litmus tests of a true entrepreneur. You can't claim your are serious about building a great company and driving your idea big if you operate with an epileptic work culture. That's an oxymoron!   Also Read: Tony Elumelu: Heartfelt Words to the Next Generation of African Leaders   Champions work harder, longer, smarter, faster, [...]

International Youth Day: Youth Should be the Fulcrum to the Development Aspirations of Africa

According to the 2016 Youth Development Index, there are 1.8billion people below 30 years. This puts those in that age Cohort at 46% of the world's population. Today, I celebrate the works of gallant young people across the world who are contributing to making their communities and countries a better place for all. UNESCO reports that by 2030 ,many young people will graduate from school without skill set they will need to acquire jobs. Over the years, Africa's education [...]

The Myths of Business Plan & Business Model By Sayo Peter Akinbowale

    Hey there! It's weekend and I'm loving it. How has your Friday been? This is another long post but, if you gained nothing after reading it let me know how much data you use to read it, I'll pay. If you've not read my first post Business Plan Versus Business Model, I'll encourage you to do so now. In the first post, we established the relationships between these two (2) business tools and in today's post I'm pointing you to some myths around [...]

African Young People: 7 Financial Habits of Successful Small Business Owners

1. Regularly review finances -- 69 percent of small business owners do this. weekly and monthly financial reviews are an exercise in understanding the frequency and scale of your business operations and the extent to which your business may be growing or at risk due to clients who pay late. 2. Maintain a budget -- 47 percent of small business owners do this. A budget is simply an expectation for business results. At the beginner level, make a budget on the first [...]

African Young People: How to Grow Your Small Business by Javnyuy Joybert

As an entrepreneur & business development trainer/consultant and working with a good number of startup entrepreneurs I have discovered that many of them always find it difficult to scale or grow their businesses. Through this article, I will be highlighting some tips on how you can grow your startup or small business. Note this, leading or growing a small business can be more stressful and sometimes you get so worried. So many young Africans come up with good ideas, [...]