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Entrepreneurs: Test Your Work Ethics (Do You Have Work Ethics?) By Chinonso Ogbobu

I can tell the kind of an entrepreneur you are and how serious you are about that which you seek by reviewing your work ethics. Your work ethics is one of the litmus tests of a true entrepreneur. You can't claim your are serious about building a great company and driving your idea big if you operate with an epileptic work culture. That's an oxymoron!   Also Read: Tony Elumelu: Heartfelt Words to the Next Generation of African Leaders   Champions work harder, longer, smarter, faster, [...]

The Myths of Business Plan & Business Model By Sayo Peter Akinbowale

    Hey there! It's weekend and I'm loving it. How has your Friday been? This is another long post but, if you gained nothing after reading it let me know how much data you use to read it, I'll pay. If you've not read my first post Business Plan Versus Business Model, I'll encourage you to do so now. In the first post, we established the relationships between these two (2) business tools and in today's post I'm pointing you to some myths around [...]

African Young People: 7 Financial Habits of Successful Small Business Owners

1. Regularly review finances -- 69 percent of small business owners do this. weekly and monthly financial reviews are an exercise in understanding the frequency and scale of your business operations and the extent to which your business may be growing or at risk due to clients who pay late. 2. Maintain a budget -- 47 percent of small business owners do this. A budget is simply an expectation for business results. At the beginner level, make a budget on the first [...]

African Young People: How to Grow Your Small Business by Javnyuy Joybert

As an entrepreneur & business development trainer/consultant and working with a good number of startup entrepreneurs I have discovered that many of them always find it difficult to scale or grow their businesses. Through this article, I will be highlighting some tips on how you can grow your startup or small business. Note this, leading or growing a small business can be more stressful and sometimes you get so worried. So many young Africans come up with good ideas, [...]

8 Rules for Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

This article originally featured on Entrepreneur.com Success is a function of our belief that we will succeed and our determination not to fail. 1. People are more important than strategy. If you focus on finding people you want to be with and who you think are talented, chances are you’ll come up with great ideas together that will work. If you start with an idea and then try and find the talent, chances are you will be putting a square peg [...]

African Young People: 10 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business Plan

Below are some of the common mistakes you should be avoid before sending out your business plan. 1. Information Overload If you were an investor, would you want to read a 200 page business plan? No! Most investors get easily bored and the last thing they want to do is wade through pages and pages of tedious and often boring narrative. Investors have a mental checklist of key points that they are looking for in the plan, everything else is unnecessary.  The purpose of [...]