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Nominations opened for 2017 Most Influential Young Cameroonians ranking

Nominations opened for 2017 Most Influential Young Cameroonians ranking   Africa’s leading rating firm, Avance Media and The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa have launched the search for the 2017 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians, an initiative which has become the most comprehensive annual ranking for young achievers who have been blazing trails across various sectors of Cameroon’s economy and beyond.     The ranking which was launched in 2016 had Mr Achaleke Christian Leke, a youth civil society [...]

Could someone’s Digital Footprints Be The Cause Of Their Misfortune?

  For the purpose of this discourse, it is important we define the meaning of the word "digital footprint".   The word "digital footprint" simply refers to information about one's activities that exist on the Internet. Today, it is difficult to find someone who does not have information about themselves online. But the big question is; what kind of results do people get each time they try to know more about someone using a search engine? Thinking right? Amazingly, a lot of people  (for example  [...]

Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking By Chinonso Ogbobu

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & PUBLIC SPEAKING What I am about to say may not sit well with some people, but hey, pardon my rebellion. When some people say entrepreneurship is not public speaking, sometimes I understand what they are saying .... but most times, I don't. The times that I don't understand are usually, for example, when someone finishes delivering on stage a well-articulated view on entrepreneurship, business, or its attendant issues only for someone to smirk and goes ahead to mutter: "Talking is one [...]

African Young People: Erros that will crush your dreams

A couple of years back that decided to resign from my day job to be a full-time entrepreneur, I definitely had dreams which off course are still valid today but in the process of building these dreams and making it a reality, I almost got crushed and the dreams too. During these down times I started seeking for a way out, I already saw my dreams crashing down before me. It was from this seeking adventure I discovered somethings [...]


The Young people in Cameroon have definitely come of age. The level of creativity, entrepreneurship, and sense of; self, space and time has tremendously shifted to a higher level. The level capable of moving an entire country into the future. Gradually youths are taking their lives and destinies into their own hands. The more enlightened ones are leading and organizing the others into a dynamic, animated and continuously evolving “new” segment of the Cameroonian society - The Middle Class. Among [...]

African Young People: Do More Than What is Being Required By Javnyuy Joybert

As a young person, have you ever asked yourself questions like "How can I be extra-ordinary? How can I be excellent?" Here is my point, I believe that for any young professional in Africa to be exceptional in the workplace he or she must be willing to do more than what is being required in the workplace, for an entrepreneur to unique in the African market place he or she must be able to do more than what is being [...]

The Case of Succession Planning in Africa By Javnyuy Joybert

Have you ever wondered by African Leaders (dictators) cling to power for so long. The truth is if you have ever asked this question, many at times you get frustrated trying to answer the same question you asked. Handing over power has become one of the most difficult things a president can do in Africa with the worst case in Central Africa Region (Tchad, Gabon, Cameroon Central African Republic etc). Do you remember the strong man of Gambia, Yahya [...]

African Young People: Entrepreneurship Requires 2 things by Javnyuy Joybert

Entrepreneurship these days is now like a song and everyone want to be called an entrepreneur or a CEO. Definitely, am among those who believe that entrepreneurship is the game changer for the Cameroon and African economy. If you are about to venture into entrepreneurship or already have a small startup or business, I want you to understand that success in entrepreneurship requires two things that is Value and simplicity. If you want to succeed in entrepreneurship, add value [...]