Corporate Training & Consultancy (CTC)

CELBMD Africa as a Professional Executive Training/Development Organisation, we help companies/organisation improve efficiency, productivity, enhance teams potential and develop new skills by creating and organising custom training for all types of training needs.
Through this unique service, we have provide exceptional corporate training and consultancy services to organisations like Muutos Foundation International, Word Alive Ministry International, Nso Field Pastors Fellowship micro Credit Scheme, Himalayan Institute Cameroon, Kumbo Council, Tasi First Aid Foundation, Enough for all organisation-EFAO, GIDDIS Pro Computer Training Center Yaounde, C-Life Buea, Jongo Hub, Power & Wisdom City Church International, Kamixx - Online & Video Production Company and many others

Our Corporate Training Program will lead to the development of relevant skills among your employees, close the skills gap, increase workplace efficiency and the organisation's productivity. Our trainings always focus on the specific need of the organisation and providing the needed skill-set to your team
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