11 Highly Sought After Young Trainers & Speakers in Cameroon

The CELBMD Africa media team decided to list some of the best young trainers and speakers in Cameroon. Some of them, the team have listened to, others we have watched their presentations. These awesome young speakers are full of knowledge. Note that their profiles were written by them after the team reached out to them for more information after making up the list. Enjoy the post, retweet and share if you found it valuable if not just share. Lets [...]

African Young People: 5 Tips for New Managers (All Young Professionals) By Tony Elumelu

New managers must grow from “solo contributors” to “effective supervisors” who inspire team members to execute and achieve agreed objectives. Below, I outline 5 tips for new managers that I encourage all young professionals to read: 1) Over affiliation at work can breed negative attitudes. While friendly relationships at work should be encouraged, clannish mindsets and “cliques” should be dissuaded. Such exclusionary behaviors breed [...]

Key management aspects that kill most SMEs in Africa By

Key management aspects that kill most SMEs in Africa are: #1 Poor financial management. Not separating Business finance from personal finance, Not having a periodic budget that guides financial decisions, not evaluating financial performance and using to take decisions #2 Poor Marketing. Not properly branding, Poor customer service or CRM, Not putting in place clear marketing strategies or even evaluating the marketing performance and making decisions from that #3 Poor vision and planning [...]

African Young People: How to Be an Effective Youth Leader in Your Community By Javnyuy Joybert

As a youth leader myself, I thought I should share by take on what it means to be an effective youth leader. Enjoy the read please feel free to comment or add to the list.Let us share!! 1. Have a Vision, Mission & Purpose for everything2. Humble yourself3. Honor your commitment (Honor your word)4. Get a mentor5. An effective youth leader set goals6. An effective youth leader have good inter-personal skills Also Read: How to Bounce Back-Up After Failing By [...]

7 Things Every Young Person Needs to Succeed in Life By John Hickey

 7 Things Every Young Person Needs to Succeed in Life By John HickeyIf you are a young adult or the parent or guardian of a young adult, this article is for you. Every young person needs to succeed. Our young people are at one of the most important cross-roads in life. They are about to move from the world of education and dependency on others to the real world of work and self-reliance.1. Be a Person of IntegrityIntegrity means [...]

African Young People: How to Bounce Back-Up After Failing By Javnyuy Joybert

PhotoCredit: C-LifeAs a young African, as long as you have made up your mind to succeed with that startup or succeed in that career or to succeed by turning your passion into a full flesh business, have a dynamic mind to know that failure is inevitable. The journey to success requires consistent persistence and that's why in this article I will be briefing you on how to bounce back after you must have failed. How to bounce back after [...]

The Major Problem of Africa. By Kenneth Gyamerah ©

Many people believe that, leadership is the major problem of Africa.When President Barack Obama visited Ghana in 2009,he said "Africa doesn't need strong men, Africa needs strong institutions" I have strong conviction that, this ignited Mr Obama's passion to invest in young Africans which birthed the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) ,a network which has developed the capacity of many young Africans. I am a strong believer of the assertion that, Africa's future does [...]


THE THREE(3) "Es" EVERY CREATIVE ENTREEPRENEUR MUST MASTER FOR BUSINESS GROWTH. As a creative entrepreneur building your passion and gifts into businesses that make both profit and impact, one of the things you cannot take for granted is the level of competition in your given industry, where there are so many voice wanting to be heard.Breaking through the ceiling in your given industry is much tougher now, especially with the evolution of the social [...]


DEAR SMALL ENTREPRENEUR, I want to direct my message this evening to that very small entrepreneur out there that's just starting out or still scratching out in this race of entrepreneurship. I know you are confused about how you can grow your business to something big. And your today doesn't look like the future you want to build, not even by a long chalk. Your business is so small that sometimes you are even ashamed of [...]