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Could someone’s Digital Footprints Be The Cause Of Their Misfortune?

  For the purpose of this discourse, it is important we define the meaning of the word "digital footprint".   The word "digital footprint" simply refers to information about one's activities that exist on the Internet. Today, it is difficult to find someone who does not have information about themselves online. But the big question is; what kind of results do people get each time they try to know more about someone using a search engine? Thinking right? Amazingly, a lot of people  (for example  [...]

African Young People: Erros that will crush your dreams

A couple of years back that decided to resign from my day job to be a full-time entrepreneur, I definitely had dreams which off course are still valid today but in the process of building these dreams and making it a reality, I almost got crushed and the dreams too. During these down times I started seeking for a way out, I already saw my dreams crashing down before me. It was from this seeking adventure I discovered somethings [...]

African Young People: Do More Than What is Being Required By Javnyuy Joybert

As a young person, have you ever asked yourself questions like "How can I be extra-ordinary? How can I be excellent?" Here is my point, I believe that for any young professional in Africa to be exceptional in the workplace he or she must be willing to do more than what is being required in the workplace, for an entrepreneur to unique in the African market place he or she must be able to do more than what is being [...]

The Case of Succession Planning in Africa By Javnyuy Joybert

Have you ever wondered by African Leaders (dictators) cling to power for so long. The truth is if you have ever asked this question, many at times you get frustrated trying to answer the same question you asked. Handing over power has become one of the most difficult things a president can do in Africa with the worst case in Central Africa Region (Tchad, Gabon, Cameroon Central African Republic etc). Do you remember the strong man of Gambia, Yahya [...]

African Young People: The Most Important Part of Leadership By Javnyuy Joybert

When leadership is mentioned anywhere 99% if not everybody's mind will go to the people they are leading. A lot of us forget the most important part of leadership which is self. You can define self leadership as influencing yourself to achieve your objectives. Do you know the most difficult person to lead is yourself? You now know. One of the most important gifts you can give yourself, your team, your business, your family, your community is to be able [...]

African Young People: How To Achieve Success Before The End Of The Year

One prevalent thing in everyone's life is the willingness to become successful; I haven't seen anyone who doesn't wish to become successful. Perhaps you've been craving to achieve success since the inception of this year, but it seems that dream is far from reality. In this article, I will show you how you can still achieve success before this year is over. However, before I proceed to tell you the first thing you need do to succeed this year, it is [...]

International Youth Day: Youth Should be the Fulcrum to the Development Aspirations of Africa

According to the 2016 Youth Development Index, there are 1.8billion people below 30 years. This puts those in that age Cohort at 46% of the world's population. Today, I celebrate the works of gallant young people across the world who are contributing to making their communities and countries a better place for all. UNESCO reports that by 2030 ,many young people will graduate from school without skill set they will need to acquire jobs. Over the years, Africa's education [...]

Young People: How to Go from a Dreamer to a Doer (Achiever) By Javnyuy Joybert

Is good to have dreams as a young person, I always say it will cost you nothing to dream but it will cost you everything not to dream but it will be costlier if you stay as a dreamer. Every young person in Africa with a sound mindset have something he/she want to achieve in life but unfortunately many dreams have just ended up as dreams. As young people, we should not be stuck in the pattern of dreaming. To [...]

8 Ways to Avoid Distractions & Get Things Done

1. Get clarity on what you want. 2. Brainstorm possible roadblocks and try to minimize them. 3. Seek outside counsel (coaches, lawyers, mentors). 4. Build a written timeline and have easy access to it by saving it on your phone. 5. Be accountable by having checkpoints with a peer, boss, client or customer. 6. Mentally own your project and take responsibility for any problems that arise. 7. Don’t get too bogged down in the details. 8. Visualize the end result. This article originally appeared in SUCCESS magazine.

7 skills that you need to succeed in the marketplace

This article originally appeared in Lapid Leaders Africa website. Written by Lucy Mas, a student at JKUAT pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechatronics Self-awareness: I have been able to define my personality and the values that I hold true and I’m now able to keep firm in my principles without appearing disrespectful. Understanding my personality has helped me define my passion and consequently been able to understand my vision and eventually created a great personal brand. I now [...]