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Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking By Chinonso Ogbobu

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & PUBLIC SPEAKING What I am about to say may not sit well with some people, but hey, pardon my rebellion. When some people say entrepreneurship is not public speaking, sometimes I understand what they are saying .... but most times, I don't. The times that I don't understand are usually, for example, when someone finishes delivering on stage a well-articulated view on entrepreneurship, business, or its attendant issues only for someone to smirk and goes ahead to mutter: "Talking is one [...]


The Young people in Cameroon have definitely come of age. The level of creativity, entrepreneurship, and sense of; self, space and time has tremendously shifted to a higher level. The level capable of moving an entire country into the future. Gradually youths are taking their lives and destinies into their own hands. The more enlightened ones are leading and organizing the others into a dynamic, animated and continuously evolving “new” segment of the Cameroonian society - The Middle Class. Among [...]

The Case of Succession Planning in Africa By Javnyuy Joybert

Have you ever wondered by African Leaders (dictators) cling to power for so long. The truth is if you have ever asked this question, many at times you get frustrated trying to answer the same question you asked. Handing over power has become one of the most difficult things a president can do in Africa with the worst case in Central Africa Region (Tchad, Gabon, Cameroon Central African Republic etc). Do you remember the strong man of Gambia, Yahya [...]

Tony Elumelu: 7 Burning Questions and Answers on Leadership

Tony Elumelu with his wealth of experience in the corporate world provide answers to 7 burning questions on leadership. Enjoy the read. 1) What is true leadership? Leadership is about how we lead people to deliver results. Leadership is about bringing consistency between the internal and the external. Leadership is about instilling confidence in your people, because as a leader, you hardly ever operate on your own. Great leaders deliver through people. 2) The Relationship between Leadership and Purpose: Leadership is more successful [...]